Saturday, 14 February 2009

Recent Happenings

I am sorry for the recent lack of posts, there are three reasons: 1) I have been lazy, 2) I have been (quite) busy, and 3) I have not found anything suitably interesting to write about. Actually number 3 is not quite true, I was writing a lengthy post about Labour's election rigging credentials, but I accidentally deleted the whole thing and before I knew it the blank page was autosaved. The trials of being a new blogger! Perhaps somebody can tell me how to disable the autosaver?

Anyway, I thought I would pass comment on some of the recent squabbles on more well known blogs (it pains me to admit that Derek Draper is more well known than me, but it is a fact). Derek Draper proved himself to be a self-righteous, sanctimonious git with his posturing about Carol Thatcher's golliwog comment. (I had a golliwog as a child, I think it is a shame they are not readily available anymore). Anyway, Iain Dale poured scorn on Dolly (as Draper is affectionately(!) known), and was branded a "racist" for his pains. Next it was Guido Fawkes' turn, with a delightful picture of Gordon Brown with little brown children provoking quite a bit of comment on his blog. The comments on Guido's blog were, on the whole, very unfunny, which was a shame, because so much satire could have been teased out of the photo, but they provided another opportunity for Dolly to show himself up as an old windbag, which he duly availed himself of.

A link to Guido's blog will now appear on the right of this page, a fitting reward for successfully winding Dolly Draper up.

I will try to post some more in the next few days, so please don't desert me!


  1. I am not sure on the auto-save.

    I prefer to type anything of length in MS word then copy & paste it across. The spell-check is better in Word, plus you can "undo", should the need arise.

  2. Neil it was MY goliwog! :)

  3. Haha Jo, I commandeered it when you got a bit older!

  4. Its still my Zambo! :p
    I know - we can share :)

  5. Ah, quite a good blog here!

    Are you registered to the party?

    Question: you say you disagree with the party occasionally- what about the european issue? Euro-sceptic or europhile?

  6. c'mon Neil, write some more stuff!

  7. Fear not, Neil. Keep up the good work.

  8. I struggle to think of things to write about your not the only one;}